Drive-In Racking System

Drive-In Racking System

Drive-in racking system is the ideal solution for high-density storage. It is suitable for large quantities of pallets per reference and for small quantities of codes. The Drive-in solution normally follows the LIFO logic (last in-first out), meaning that the last unit to be stored is the first to exit. Products are usually stored homogeneously in columns.

Drive-in picking types:

  • Drive-in system: pallets are loaded and evacuated from one side of Drive-in Lane
  • Drive-through system: pallets are loaded and evacuated from both sides of drive-in lane normally this system has add on features that’s guarantee its stability and balance in case of loading and operation of the store.

Drive-in Features:

  • It represent homogeneous product for each aisle.
  • This system compromise space than pallet racking system.